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Madeline Cobbler


art director, content creator & animal painter


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My passion started in elementary school when I was making skate vids with the neighborhood boys. That progressed into awkward middle school videos that never will surface due to a damaged hard drive (phew). I like to paint cows… and eat burgers. I’m trying to make my dog an insta influencer… but aren’t we all? Follow him while you’re at it.

I almost had a viral Vine (I would link it here, but RIP to Vine). Once I went skydiving on a plane that was literally held together with duct tape. Talk about barely holding your life together, but hey I am alive and well.

My New Year’s resolution last year was to memorize the entire dinner prayer in Talladega Nights… that failed, as do all of my other resolutions like most people. That is all you need to know about me. Amen.

Oh, and I graduate from SCAD at the end of May.

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📍latest adventure

11/15/18 - 1/4/19

For my winter break I decided to drive cross country with my dog to Breckenridge, Colorado. I had two goals in mind: let my dog have the greatest winter of his life and shred the slopes as much as possible. To pay for my living expenses I worked at The Breckenridge Ski Resort, living the ski bum dream. Check out my videography tab for some recap videos.